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Long distance healing is frequently used with animals who are sometimes unwilling to sit still long enough to be healed it should also be noted that there are certain advantages that may be lost in a long distance healing when a shaman healer performs a healing in person they create a sacred space for youlong distance healing distance healing distant healing remote healing energy healing there are many names for energy healing over any distance over the phone or over the computer skype quantum physics proves that we are all instantaneously connected by principles of quantum entanglementlong distance healing long distance healing also referred to as remote healing or non local healing works on the premise that everything is connected by energy thus distance is unimportant energy has no limitations or boundaries making long distance healing just as effective as healing sessions conducted in personlong distance healing healing sessions can be done remotely for clients who are not in the area cannot make an office appointment due to scheduling or are too ill for travel spirit does not recognize time or space so this type of session is just as beneficial and effective as when performed in personhow to give a distance healing using reiki the term psychokinesis from the greek psyche meaning mind soul heart or breath and kinesis meaning motion literally movement from the mind also known as telekinesis greek literally distant movement refers to the direct influence of mind on another physical system which is done remotely or at a distance

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